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Avoid Data Theft with Damballa

You May Never See a Breach >

But we can. Damballa sees 15% of the world’s Internet activity every day. We use this data to predict and find malicious behavior.

Hidden Threats Become Visible >

Damballa finds hidden threats that have already compromised your network. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, you can take action to stop data theft.

Existing Security Tools Get Smarter >

Make your existing security tools smarter with forensic intelligence from Damballa. The evidence we collect from compromised devices can be used to automate a response or update prevention controls.

Damballa Network Security Checkup

Take Your Network Security Pulse
Assess and improve defenses in 30 days >

Want to understand what’s happening inside your network?

Damballa’s Network Security Checkup gives you the power to improve your perimeter defenses, uncover hidden threats and initiate a response to stop data theft.

Protecting enterprises
across every industry >

We were developing machine-learning systems to detect cyber threats while everyone else was still building signature-based security tools. We knew in 2006 that you can’t keep out determined attackers. So we developed a way in our advanced threat protection solutions to detect the hidden ones in your network.

With Damballa Failsafe, you can:

  • Detect advanced threats rapidly within your enterprise
  • Identify infected devices with certainty
  • Contain cyber threats instead of chasing false positives


We protect the world’s largest enterprises, ISPs and mobile carriers across 5 continents
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We analyze nearly 15% of the world's Internet activity and monitor over ½ billion devices.​
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Of devices that Damballa says are communicating with criminals actually are.
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Advanced threat protection for enterprises