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Ponemon Institute Survey Chart - Malware Alerts per Week

Enterprises are Wasting $1.3 Million Annually Chasing False Positives – Part1


If the increasing number of high-profile attacks proves anything, it’s that enterprises are losing the war on malware. A recent study we commissioned from Ponemon Institute, The Cost of Malware Containment, sheds light on why. IT organizations are wasting time and money – to the tune of more than $1.3 million dollars – hunting down alerts that pose no threat while advanced persistent threats are evading preventive controls.


Mobile malware in 2015: The Ebola of security?


2015 Prediction #1: The hype surrounding mobile malware simply doesn’t reflect reality. A recent study shows that only 0.65% of the world’s seven billion devices are infected. Malware distribution is more of a problem in emerging markets and places like China. If mobile malware gains any traction next year it will be in these regions where strong app markets don’t exist.