Listen to What Our Customers Say

“In order to stop today’s advanced threats, first you have to detect them. Our traditional security controls weren’t doing that. That’s where Damballa comes in. Everybody does signatures and sandboxing. Damballa Failsafe does behavior detection, and that’s the right ingredient for our network security sandwich. The firewall is the bread, the meat is our antivirus software, and Damballa is the secret sauce that we were missing.”

Case Study: Using Active Threat Discovery to Reduce Business Risk: Fortune 500 Entertainment Company Deploys Damballa Failsafe

Information Security DirectorFortune 500 Entertainment Company

“ Damballa has a significant unique detection rate, showing me compromises that none of my other systems are seeing, and providing me corroborating evidence that a device truly has been compromised.”

Case Study: Attack of the Bots – Wall Street firms including Raymond James Financial adopt new detection technologies to fight advanced persistent threats

Security ArchitectFortune 500 Financial Company

“Using Damballa, we can identify threats as they emerge and more quickly remediate the user’s machine. Damballa provides us with an easy-to-use solution to defend against the silent threat of botnets and advanced malware.”

Case Study: Financial services institution protects credit card data, meets regulatory requirements with Damballa Failsafe

CISOLarge University

“The ability to cover multiple platforms and operating systems across the enterprise separated Damballa Failsafe from the others.” “We’re not wasting money and time for truck rolls on things that aren’t actually infected. One hundred percent of the machines that Damballa Failsafe has identified as infected have in fact been infected.”

Security ManagerFortune 100 Family Entertainment Company

Driving Customer Success

Damballa drives effective adoption and value realization by offering services to ensure customers have a clear view of the threat landscape and are effectively leveraging Failsafe for successful threat defense.

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Customer Portal Login

As Damballa and Core Security have taken the final steps in becoming one unified company, The Damballa Customer Support Portal will no longer be active as of  March 13th, 2017.

What this means: All current and previous cases, as well as our content, have been  be migrated to the Core Security Customer Community Portal. Any new Support request should be submitted to the Core Security Customer Community Portal (Here) Access can be requested by selecting the “Sign Up” link

Partnering for your Success

Damballa offers customers the following services to ensure you get the most value from your Failsafe implementation:

Business Update and Technology Road Map

Damballa works alongside you to assess current and future business and technology requirements, determine specific priorities and develop plans to meet those goals.

  • Conduct mutual business review
  • Determine best practices for adoption
  • Share market outlook
  • Educate with technology/product plans and roadmaps

Operations, Systems & Performance Health Check

Damballa conducts a complete evaluation of your solution, how it is performing and what steps need to be taken to optimize and gain additional benefits.

Threat Landscape Overview, Research and News

Stay on top of the latest threat news and research with ongoing access to Damballa Labs research and latest industry news.

  • Damballa Labs and threat landscape overview
  • Review of relevant research findings and news
  • Top global and customer active threats
Customer Success

Damballa University

Damballa University provides an extensive curriculum of training to ensure your success with Damballa products. We offer training through a rich set of self-paced modules that meet the needs of a diverse set of roles.