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Damballa Failsafe is an advanced threat detection system built on nearly a decade of scientific research and big data visibility. It automatically and accurately identifies hidden infections in real time on live traffic. When Failsafe confirms a device is infected by advanced persistent threats or malware, it terminates criminal communications and presents a full case of evidence, prioritized by risk – no more chasing False Positives. With Damballa Failsafe, you can act with precision to prevent damage.

Failsafe in Action

Real Actionable Intelligence

With Damballa Failsafe you can:

  • Analyze network behaviors, malicious payloads and threat actor / APT activity
  • Pass information to an automated Case Analyzer which corroborates evidence
  • Verify true positive infections and apply risk-ranking
  • Present response teams with prioritized workflow for immediate action

What Our Customers Say

Damballa has a significant unique detection rate, showing me compromises that none of my other systems are seeing, and providing me corroborating evidence that a device truly has been compromised.

Security Architect, Fortune 500 Financial Company

Based on Damballa’s unique ability to detect unknown and previously undetected threats, I would think every Fortune 500 company would want it as part of their defense in depth strategy.

Richard StiennonLead Analyst IT Harvest

Comcast is using botnet detection service from Damballa to recognize the command-and-control servers and will notify customers whose computers are found to be communicating with those servers.

Senior Director of Security and PrivacyComcast

How Failsafe Works

How Damballa Failsafe works

Economic Efficiency Tool

The Damballa Economic Efficiency Tool tool is intended to demonstrate the potential economic efficiencies organizations can gain by incorporating an automated advanced threat detection technology into their security program. Read more →

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Of devices that Damballa says are communicating with criminals actually are.
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