Damballa Failsafe Product Demo

Advanced Malware. Persistent Threats. Targeted Attacks.

At Damballa, we don’t give you alerts – we give you proof that a threat exists. We then provide actionable information you need to quickly contain the threat before damage is done.

Damballa Failsafe has helped some of the world’s biggest companies defend against unknown, hidden infections.


  • Rapidly identifies compromised devices based on a case of evidence and provide certainty that the device is infected.
  • Built on 8 years of data science and 8 trillion passive DNS records processed annually.
  • Goes way beyond sandboxing, using 8 proven detection methods to discover infections.
  • Uses 9 profilers to assign risk so your team knows what to act on, when.
  • Prioritizes each infected device against all other infected devices in your network.

Damballa Failsafe Demo

See how Damballa fills the security gap between failed prevention and incident response. Click the “play” button to view this quick, 2 minute video overview of Damballa Failsafe.

Not just an alarm. Real. Threat. Defense.

Do you have active infections in your network? Damballa Failsafe helps enterprises eliminate alerts, focus on actual infections, speed time to recovery and prevent loss.

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