Greater focus on securing our critical infrastructure

2015 Prediction #4: With the exception of a physical war, there is probably no greater threat to our national security and way of life than an attack on our critical infrastructure. The power we use in our homes and offices, our drinking water, and transportation and communication systems are vital to our health and safety.

The Sportsmanship of Cyber-warfare

Just as the prospect of a bomb falling from the hands of an aviator hanging out the cockpit of a zeppelin or biplane fundamentally changed the design of walled fortifications and led to the development of anti-aircraft weaponry, new approaches to securing the cyber-frontier are needed and underway.

Chinese Hackers and Cyber Realpolitik

For many people the comments made by Michael Hayden, Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, at this week's Black Hat Technical Security Conference in Abu Dhabi may have been unsettling as he commented upon the state of Chinese cyber espionage.